This Is How Long It Takes to Know Someone Is “The One”

Jacqueline Atulip
4 min readJan 23, 2022
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I am so very passionate about love and relationships. I’ve always been comfortable being single, however, I also greatly enjoy being a part of a loving and healthy relationship. Far too often we waste our time with people and situations that are going nowhere fast simply because we are not crystal clear with our goals or are not honest about our situation.

How Long Does It Take to Find the One

Turns out it doesn’t take that long to ascertain that you are dating the one.

Studies have determined that it takes roughly six months to uncover whether or not you are dating the one. After 3 months, the honeymoon phase wears off and you can see what you are truly working with and whether or not it works for you.

If you are commitment-oriented and marriage-minded, stop allowing people to waste your time. I don’t have years and years of my life to give someone who either doesn’t know that they want to commit or won’t commit.

Signs You May Have Found “The One”

Common goals and values.

You’ll see eye to eye on the major components that will shape your life as a couple in the future.

You are very comfortable around “the one”.



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